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Student in Perth, Australia

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I was once told that as we grow old our beauty fades away and the only things we have left are our experiences and great stories to tell, one day I want to be a great story-teller. I am a girl who loves to explore our world. I am a proud solo traveller and I want to use this platform to be some kind of inspiration and encouragement for you to go out there and explore the world too. I dare you!

Getting to know me.

I am proudly South American and I was born in Colombia. I moved to Perth, Australia when I was 16 years old. Yes I do miss Colombia but I am not going to lie, the perks of having two homes on the opposite side of the world are just great.


Places where Ale has been.

So far I have Travel 20+ Countries including Holand,Germany,France,Spain,Austria,Monaco,Czech Republic,Switzerland,Singapore and Thailand.