Alejandra Mendez

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

As a child my dreams fed my imagination, now are the blueprints for my ultimate achievements.

One day my dream was to study economics in one of the best universities in Colombia, when I did it I discovered that's what really excites me.. My thirst for knowledge and learning were the driving force behind each of my efforts to become one of the most outstanding students of the Icesi University . I had always imagined use my knowledge as a tool to combat one of the things I hate most of society, inequality, so being part of the university association performing social work with the poorest groups in my city was a fuel that drove my desire to learn how cultural, social economic, and policy structures work around the world. I dreamed of traveling to France and study in one of the most recognized business schools in Europe, it was not easy but I had my blueprint. I worked as an assistant to a major project within the university doing what I like to do, applying the theory of my career to real life. My goal still required more experience, so I got to be part of the group of students of economics and international business of my university, as a group, we organized successful events involving the participation of important economic figures recognized at national level. Now, I can say that France has not only given me the opportunity to have an international experience and enrich my academic knowledge but has also shown me that I came to this world to challenge myself, to pass obstacles and achieve my goals. Today, I dream continue learning and contributing to economic, political and social development of my country. I know there are dreams that may need more paper for their blueprint but I also know that my dreams are the blueprints of my ultimate achievements.

  • Education
    • Universidad Icesi
    • Montpellier Business School