Alejandra Flores

(*Guatemala City, Guatemala)

I am a guatemalan artist, I am a painter. I studied painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, Germany. I presently live and work in Guatemala City, Guatemala. My work is very personal, very autobiographical in a way, but I concentrate on everyday situations, which everyone knows, and which possess a certain beauty, an aesthetical value of their own. Mostly, such situations remain undiscovered, unnoticed. But it is exactly at those moments, when we truly begin being on ourselves, giving space to a certain behaviour, a certain life we only allow ourselves into when we know we are alone and unobserved. All armours fall down, we function almost automatically and give ourselves into really authentic glimpses into a life, that´s just ours, and no-one else´s. My latest work focuses on dreams, nightmares and feelings tht sometimes acompany us through the day. I paint using oil sticks, really thick oil paint, which I apply directly on the wood, to finish it afterwards with my bare fingers.