Alejandra Gamero

Alejandra Gamero

My name is Alejandra Gamero and I live in El Salvador, a very little country in Central America. I'm 20 years old and because of my passion for art, design and music, I decided to study "Strategic Design" and I just started my career at "Escuela de Comunicación Monica Herrera".

During this 5-year career, I expect to develop my artistic and analytical skills and I'm also looking forward to developing my creativity to it's maximum level. This way, I'll be able to create innovating, different... even unique ideas with a positive and notorious contribution to our modern society.

I want to become a designer capable of creating new concepts, breaking barriers, building dreams... I want to be capable of changing the world through design.

I studied at "Escuela Alemana San Salvador" and I'm speak fluently German, Spanish and aEnglish.

I describe myself as a pretty creative, empathetic, unique and passionate young woman.

If you'd like to know more about what I do, feel free to check out my deviantArt profile. I'm workin on a webpage which I'm going to share really soon.

-I changed,... and the world changed with me-