Alejandra Roman

Student and Musician in Humacao, Puerto Rico

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Welcome! This is a paragraph about me of course, enjoy it. My name is Alejandra C. Roman Colon. I am a student of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. You can view my portfolio with a click on the button above. I'm actually studying Human Resourses, but I'm going to reclassificate to Biology. My goal is to be a Pharmaceutical. I have taken workshops about different areas of Business Administration. I graduated highschool with a Administrative Assistance course. Some of my abilities are typing, shorthand (faster), file, some knowledge in the area of Financial Data Record, and other areas I have taken in the course.

At my 17 years I started working at Janssen Ortho LLC (pharmaceutical) as a summer program, that was in 2015. That same year I worked in another pharmaceutical as a requirement of the course. I'm a person who likes things done right and I like to keep thing in order. Something I really like is music. I play guitar, some piano and I sing.

To conclude I'm a person who likes to be structured in things I do. I like to do things very well and I always have new aspirations.