Luis Alejandro Valcarcel Jervis

Kelowna, BC

My interest in entrepreneurship, inspired me to persue other opportunities outside of Columbia. I traveled to the United States in 2006, where I began my studies in Business. After one year of studies in Kentucky, I left the United States to complete my degree in business in Canada, BC.

During my studies, I also developed an application in the interest of cab driver safety and cab passenger safety for my home town. During this experience, I aquired angel investors and the interests of the government and police in Bogota, Columbia. I learned the foundations of a business and how important every piece is.

I continue to envision new ideas and new ways to challenge concepts by modifying and redefining them.

An entrepeneur; someone willing to work 90 hours a week for himself to avoid working 40 hours for someone else.

  • Work
    • Scotiabank
  • Education
    • Okanagan College
    • Selkirk College