alejandro lopez

Professional Experience

Motorola Solutions, Inc – Plantation, FL (Feb 2012 – Present)

Sr. Mechanical Engineer II at Government and public safety physical design organization.

• Part of the development of new high speed data transmission rugged public safety two way radios.

• Complete ownership for the design, development and tooling of:

o Injection molded plastic housings and injection molded rubber components for new IP67 public safety mobile radio.

o First extreme environment (high humidity / temp) laser direct structuring (LDS) antennas for IP67 public safety radios.

o High SPL speaker system for in chamber high and low temperature acoustic testing.

o Process to implement of the shelf boss inserts on casted aluminum chassis.

• Heavily involved in the design, and manufacturing of fixtures to ensure components are assembled in to final product properly.

• Heavily involved in the revision (update) of the government and public safety global Mil-Std internal certification specification.

• Champion for group involved in designing and manufacturing of fixturing for the physical design team mechanical group.

• Direct interface with industrial design to ensure product design and cosmetics are compliant with specifications.

• Direct interface with suppliers ensuring schedules, tooling release / changes are met and issues are resolved.

• Direct work with cross-functional teams including industrial design, electrical, manufacturing, software and quality to meet goals

through prototype to production builds.

• Active part of Accelerated Life Testing and Mil-Std certification testing to ensure specifications are met (Motorola internal and

MIL standards).

Motorola Mobility – Plantation, FL (Jan 2008 – Jan 2012)

Sr. Mechanical Engineer II at 3G/iDEN Mobile technologies solutions mechanical design team.

• Completed full design cycles for the following 3G/iDEN cellular phones: Motorola Karma QA1, Motorola Cliq 2, Motorola

Titanium, Motorola IronRock.

• Complete ownership for the design, development and tooling of:

o Laser marked (LMP), laser direct structuring (LDS) and two shot molded plastic components / antenna elements.

o Plated sheet metal antennas (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS) for new 3G mobile devices.

o Acoustic systems (speakers, main, noise c