Alejandro Santacreu

Father, Husband, and Consultant in Finlandia

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My mother gave me my name because of Alejandro Magno, she was reading his bio while she was pregnant and she thought that "the one who stands and protects" or "the one who saves the warrior", according to the name etymology assigned to Hera goddess from Sicion, could be a great sign for a newborn.

I like to think that even when things are never perfect there is some ideal which can lead our actions, some kind of ethical North Star which will always glow over fear and temptation, some reference you can always come back to, even when you have lost your point and the needle is spinning like a merry-go-round. That light is within all ourselves and by following it you will be doing a greater good for all the people around you.

I like to think that we are all living now in a globalized and modern version of Sicion and this is what "the one who saves the warrior" is about nowadays.

Follow your star and do not forget to enjoy the journey.

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