Alejandro Jaramillo

Alejandro Jaramillo was born in New Jersey on September 13, 1997. Six months after his birth he moved to Florida where "The sun does shine but burns your face off". His parents are Colombian descendents that arrived to the U.S during the '90s. At the ages of 12 and 13, Alejandro learned how to play the violin and made a youtube account under the name "noirman345" where he vlogs on everything that pops out of his mind. He is mostly friendly, helpful, and what he calls "Being at a stable state of insanity." He's a huge sci-fi fan considering that his favorite book is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and his favorite movie is Back to the Future Part II. He also created one of his most "locally recognized" quotes: "I may eat a lot, but I don't eat A LOT." Alejandro future job is to become an actor or voice actor for video games and movies. Alejandro also coined his own dance move named "The Fat Daha." He is considered to be recognized in his family as "The Tallest of the Oldest." Currently, Alejandro is working on book one of his two book sci-fi epic: "Wormhole" where the main protaganist, Peter Douglas, named after Douglas Adams, goes to another universe where he forms an army that will do whatever it takes to overthrow their king.