Angela Cely

Angela Cely born a 30 of September, she had a wonderful childhood playing with her friends in the neighbor but one one time she broke her right leg.
A interesting fact is that when she was in primary her mom was a teacher in the same school.
In the college she study arts so she had too much passion for the career that she was very active that the cultural and social side helps to expand her knowledge.
She meet her husband when they were studying Germany in the Goethe institute of Bogota.
When she got pregnant and her kid born the doctor tell her a very bad news; you can have more kids, we don't know the reason but it is a very bad news for any mother and one time someone ask her wish one word describe been a mom and she said generosity.
Angela has three places that she will like to live in and they are Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Florence.
With the artist that she feels connected or admires is a German one Joshep Beuys.
In conclusion Angela is a happy person with a good life style, but she feels that her artist side to be complete she want to visit the modern art of New York City.