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Alek Picardal

About me.....Well, I grew up in the Philippines. I moved to San Francisco to pursue my Bachelor degree. I am still in the process of obtaining it...which means I am still in college. I got to a public research university. I am focusing all my attention and efforts to college because failing a class is an embarrassment.

I am a full-time student. I don't work part time and I don't want to because it kinda messes my "student lifestyle". That means I lose focus. If I lose focus, I might fail a class. After all, I have the REST OF MY LIFE to work. So, no rush to make moolah.

I eventually plan to work in multimedia design or public relations after graduation. Hopefully, for a multi-national corporation like Nike or Levi's.

I also plan on purchasing a condo in San Francisco..hopefully a one bedroom condo.

I hate middle school or high school kids with a passion. I hate when the bus passes by a middle/high school because all the kids ride the bus and their noise is insanely annoying. I love food, gadgets, technology, computer programming, real estate, learning, college and architecture. Woahhhhhh. Now, that's me! - Alek