Aleksandar Angjelovikj


As you can see from my profile my name is Aleksandar Angjelovikj and I am mid level SEO in Reward Gateway Ltd. which is a employee benefits and employee engagement company based in 5 countries(UK, US, Australia, Macedonia and Bulgaria).

Before Reward Gateway I was working for a web design and development company from UK named Dazines Ltd. And before before that I had my own company for heating and cooling systems and also a net caffe with 20 computers. So as you can see I have been with computers for a long long time so no wonder I become a computer freak.


I love video games

I have a son named Kalin

I like to drive fast

People say I am funny...but I am not

Love spicy food

And last but not least .... I LOVE MY WORK


I am great at organizing things

Social media? BRING IT ON

Smart when it come's to ideas and planing

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Keyword research


And my best skill is ... I TALK ALOT !

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  • Work
    • Reward Gateway
  • Education
    • Computer sience at DTU Mihajlo Pupin