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Aleksandar Krzavac


S y n o p s i s

Behind the scene of air strikes against Yugoslavia, Top story of the Globe in the spring 1999, there is an inside drama in Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).CEO of RTS makes decisions as if he is NATO ally not the head of State Broadcasting Company in charge of company policy and employees in particular. Life of other employees is only a step on the large scale of his promotion. Aleksandar, journalist in News Editorial tries to explain CEO that his primary duty is to protect people in company not to sacrifice their lives due to some vague "Superior Goals".

Unfortunately, no use doing it. The Top official is sure of himself; he is even insulted by

Aleksandar's warning that RTS headquarters target. Aleksandar is threatened by

firing, arrest etc...On other side there is horrible silence. Colleagues, fearful of losing their jobs, do not support Aleksandar. As usual in war times many of them behave in straightforwardminded way due to fear or gaining points for promotion. Small journalist versus CEO; Aleksandar, alone, can not protect employees; forthcoming tragedy is on the way. Sixteen people, mostly young, were killed on April 23, 1999.

Finally, we could ask ourselves "WAS THERE A SINGLE WAY OUT " or


This is the story about people who are ready to do literally anything to keep their

positions and privileges NO MATTER what price OTHER PEOPLE will pay.


He passes through various happenings interesting, sometimes even dramatical but in any case funny. As simple as that he is Media Guy – very naive amateur journalist, almost stupid in some cases but at his best he is the "Top Gun" committed to excellence.Sometimes shame, sometimes pride of his USFTV company; fired or hired again Media Guy is the star no matter where he is, no matter what he does for living – factory worker, telemarketing job or stripping.

He is always ready to go somewhere where nobody wants to go. He is brave man.

Therefore his TV Company is missing him very much when he is fired.

Reporting from the heart of jungle full of man-eating savages or tribal war sites is for him as ordinary as chatting with colleagues in TV studio. As many others he is not sure whether TV journalism is profession or passion. That's why he runs extreme risk doing his assignments.

Doing that damned, cursed jo