Aleksandar Mojanchevski


Hi, my name is Aleksandar Mojanchevski, born in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. For the past four years I have been pursuing my bachelor degree in the University for Computer Science and Engineering “St. Paul the Apostle”, on the Faculty for Computer Science and Engineering, and I sucesfully graduated in June 2013. During my studies here I managed to learn a lot from the Professors and my friends. I took part in different team projects.

My professional interests are in the fields of Software Engineering, Programming using various programming languages and IDEs, Data mining, Database Systems and Network Architectures. My final project is regarding Artificial Neural Networks and their applications in Data Mining.

Besides studying in a university where all the lectures are on English, my extracurricular activities involved learning English for which I obtained a Cambridge First Certificate Degree. During the summer and fall semester 2012 I completed a 6 session program in Network attack and Defense by Norwich University and another 6 session program in Internet Security and I obtained two certificates for the competition of the courses.

I am Aleksandar and i am 23 years old. Since I remember about me I've been interested in how things work and interested in technology. That is how computers, and programming being my greatest passion. For the past four years I have been pursuing my bachelor degree. During my studies at the University for Information Science and Technology I have obtained a great passion for programming with Java and other Object Oriented Languages as long as for mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms. I enjoy learning about innovative ideas and entrepreneurship. My passion for continuous improvement leads me to find innovation opportunities like an explorer of an uncharted world and drives me forward.

  • Education
    • Bachelor Degree in Information Sciences