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Aleksander Blomberg

Project Manager, Small Business Owner, and Public Speaker in Bergen, Norway

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Helping entrepreneurs and established companies launch or scale up their business.

With a curious mind and strong fascination for growth, I believe in success trough a humble attitude towards your product-market fit, combined with excellent sales and digital marketing. With this mantra I have worked on a broad range of business concepts. My academic background from Innovation and Entrepreneurship combined with modern Marketing and Communication skills, enables me to bring great ideas to life and communicate clearly to potential prospects.

Academic works
Graduated from the Norwegian School of Management with a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing, specialised in product design and interaction. Two years later I graduated with a Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from one of Europe ́s leading business schools. My thesis about Lean Startups back in 2012 has been acclaimed 12/12 score and cited 4 times.

Professional Career
Involved in lots of different startups trough my time as a student. After university I spent about 1000 days working for Apple, responsible for growing the overall business in the western part of Norway. Returned to the startup scene by founding BLAA in early 2016.

Specialties: sales, digital marketing, inbound sales, concept and product development, commercial communication, business model innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, early user adoption, corporate identity, leadership and motivation, lean product development.