Aleksander Blomberg

Aleksander Blomberg

With a diverse background from the music industry and advertising, Aleksander Blomberg graduated from the Norwegian School of Management with a bachelor in economy and marketing communication - specialized in product design and interaction.

With a strong interest in game changing business development Aleksander Blomberg loves to realize potential, and believes that truly great ideas is built around powerful visions and strong customer focus.

Therefore, Aleksander Blomberg's true passion in life is creating - Aleksander simply love to discover new potential, realize ideas, picking concepts apart and re-assemble them in new ways, and if possible – make a nice profit out of doing it.

In the name of business Aleksander Blomberg have tried to establish several companies, ranging from technology for elders, fashion, jukebox-applications, tire-pressure services, raingear, and recently entering the clean-tech business trough his newest concept KeyMon. In 2011 Aleksander Blomberg won 3 different competitions, with three different products, including the prestigious Startup Bootcamp.

Aleksander Blomberg's background as a touring Rockstar affects his entrepreneurial mindset, and his teenage rebellialism and anti-establishment dogma has granted him with game changing concepts and business opportunities.


Aleksander Blomberg is currently enrolled in the master programme Organisational Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School - spending his spare time building companies.