Aleksander Pergar

Zagorje ob Savi

By education, I am an engineer of telecommunications. I am the founding member of Zagorje gre naprej (Zagorje moves forward) party and an activist of Eko Krog by which, in 2013, I was awarded with an activist of the year 2012 award. In 2007 I established my own company: Športna prehrana PAS (PAS Sport Nutrition), which is a store with nutrition for athletes, recreational athletes and nutritional supplements for a healthier style of life. PAS is one of the most successful companies in its field in Slovenia. From year to year company also records better results and enhances export to foreign countries.

Greatest wealth of the country are not its natural assets nor the economy but its people; without people there is no nation and country. Without people from Zasavje there would be no Zasavje, without citizens of Zagorje ob Savi there would be no municipality of Zagorje ob Savi and without people from Zasavje there would be no association for the development of Zasavje - Zasavje moves forward. World is standing on young people and on those who are young by heart. We learn from our past for our future and together we are creating the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi. Today, we need to be connected more than ever; together we are stronger and together we can do it. The journey will be long, we all know that. Egoists can go their own way, alone you may travel faster, but you won’t get far. We have to go together, only together we can succeed what we truly want. Faith in yourself and believing in success is that what can be seen as a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. Eyes don’t see that light just yet, but our thoughts see success if the mind-set is right. In fact, if someone thinks he cannot do it, he is right and he is also right if he thinks he can do it.

Sports association fitness Zagorje was founded in 2014 with me as its president. Fitness activities are evolving in the right direction as said association is a unicum within Slovenia. Namely, due to the fact that new equipment is funded exclusively

  • Work
    • PAS, nutrition consultant for athletes
  • Education
    • Engineer of Telecommunications