Aleksandr Litvak


Hi. Welcome to my page! It's dedicated as a central hub of knowledge about a single topic, me.

I'd like to describe myself and very practical, logical, and easy going. I'm always interested in learning and I have a very hard time stopping myself from thinking about topics/problems/scenerios when I get involved. My coach in high school called me "Socrates" because of my over analyzation during my tennis matches.

Currently, I'm work as a Sr. Software Engineer at Wealthminder. I focus on front-end development using Backbone.js, jQuery, and other javascript libraries. I am also involved in the UX and UI discussions and implementations of our product. Check out to read what we do.


Music, Imgur, Reading, Movies, Social Outings, Snowboarding, Traveling, Fishing, Hiking, Camping,

TV Shows (Suits, Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate)


Programming (Java, Ruby, Front-End), Biology (Neurology, Genetics, Molecular), Technology, Philosophy, Anthropology


I'm sure you will find more than enough information about me; my likes and interests, as well as some of my technical skills. Click on the social media icons below and discover me.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • Computer Engineering
    • University of Maryland College Park