aleks lizardfucker

Student in Antarctica

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hi i'm aleks and i'm more mental illnesses than i am human at this point

✖i'm suffering through all of the following illnesses:

-severe/melancholic depression


-severe anxiety

-minor bipolar disorder

-borderline personality disorder



-minor tourettes


✖ i'm a freshman at kwhs

✖i'm a transgender male and i ONLY USE HE/HIM PRONOUNS

✖i don't identify as otherkin but i do relate to lizards

✖i'm really fragile and sensitive but i laugh at offensive (to society) jokes

✖i am severely depressed and i suffer from mood swings

✖this is for my spam/vent account on ig so

•don't screenshot

•don't stalk me

•don't discuss what's on this account with me or anyone else

•DO like if you read

•just,,, don't be a dick