Alexei Demchouk

Data Scientist and Engineer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I began as an interdisciplinary Engineer and found myself driven by statistics and data. My past projects involved programmatic solutions to problems in the field of Biomedical Engineering spanning issues from subcellular image analysis to experiment design and execution. One Machine Learning course brought into focus my true passion. I thrive on

- Using advanced algorithms and statistics to harness the power of data

- Collating and refining raw data across multiple sources and technologies

- Deriving actionable insight by using all available information

- Modeling and forecasting to stay ahead of trends and to identify weaknesses

- Visualizing and advancing gleaned knowledge forward using interactive dashboards

Ever since learning about computer vision in Machine Learning class taught by Professor Andrew Ng, I wanted to create a computer vision model myself. My final project at Metis realizes that passion.

  • Work
    • Visa, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    • Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - New
    • Metis, a Data Science Immersive, New York City