There is a lot to say about me...and then at the same time, not a whole lot. I have been known to answer questions posed from time to time. I come from a little town most have never heard of. I have a lot of opinions about things and I dig a good intelligent debate. I tend to read a lot - mostly suspense, horror, and thrillers. I don't particularly care for romance, romance-comedies, anything that comes off as whiny, and definitely don't do autobiographies. I like something that can really get my imagination going...Stephen King...Dan Brown...Neil Gaiman...Patterson...Koontz. I have a pretty wide open music following - classic rock, soul, r&b, electronica. I don't do country, pop, or rap. As far as movies are concerned, I love love love horror, sci-fi, suspense, comedy...especially from the 80's. romance and crap please. I have a big penchant for photography and every now and then, I catch myself singing.