Ale Lindman

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Recent performances

Time Passing By, The Next Stage Project Company, at the City Center Studios, New York.

Sumidero, Centro Cultural Borges, Mu! Dance Company production, Buenos Aires.

Tango performance with Ronald Shokes at MEMO milonga, New York.

Stage tango performance, with Rafael Herbas, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Tango salon performance with Rafael Herbas, Rössil, Troguen


- Fundación Julio Bocca: Institute for education in Dance and Theatre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Training classes at Colon Opera House, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Professional Tango training with Carlos Copes, Gabriel Angio, Natalia Gamez.

-International students program (ballet and técnicas mixtas de contemporáneo), Steps on Broadway, NY.

-David Zambrano, passing through/flying low technique, Tanzhouse, Zürich.

-CDT Wuppertal (Thusnelda Merci, Clementine Deluy, Damiano Ottavio Biggi, Modern eand improvisation techniques, Teatro El perro, Buenos Aires.

-Movementors, SEAD, Salzburg.

College Education

History and Philosophy degree, Buenos Aires University (UBA).

Alejandra is now doing her P.h.D. thesis on Art Philosophy and the conceptions of movement in Gilles Deleuze.


Regular classes of tango salon at La Catedral del tango, Buenos Aires.


Ballet technique for tango dancers, Le petit patio, Marseille, France

-Female technique, walking and musicality, Le cirque, Paris, France

-Contemporary technique (Graham, Müller, Flying low, Release, Contact Improvisation) at Reina Reech dance School, Buenos Aires