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Started ,Standard Outsourcing Service (SOS) is a company initiated by me, aged 49, a Software Graduate living in Srirangam, a Temple town in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India.

Sos was started with an objective to specialize in enhancing the quality of manpower and deploying large work groups for all categories to MNCs.

Efforts were put to develop individuals, schools & college students and corporate participants, at SOS.

With a Passion in Educational Technology, developed a keen interest and expertise in providing Consultancy Service for the enhancement of linguistic ability and effective communication.

I initiated activities in SOS where I started research in 2000 with an objective on “How to Implement Spoken English for Students from vernacular medium”.

After an intense research for a decade on the psychology of the teachers and the students with the technology available, best suitable solutions were derived to implement World-class methodology with ‘ease of use’.

“Skillphones Wireless English Language Lab” was released on 24th Nov 2005.

The whole idea was stimulated, tested and consolidated to provide a rounded solution in ‘Skillphones English Learning Station’.

Today, about 300 institutions from all over India are into various levels of onsite soft skill enhancement program through “Skillphones English learning Station” with which thousands of participants are into an effective language learning process.

With a passion to expand English and with the responsibility towards a large group of institutions, we dedicated our passion and mission to use latest in technology focused upon Quality of Education.

More in www.greenway.work

www.greenway.work is in the process of implementing, an exclusive Virtual class room with the focus on transforming to an Eco-Centric life.

Ø Self governed Education, on overall happiness.

Ø Self vegetation programs with knowledge on developing Home Grown Fresh Organic Vegetables.

Ø Self health on harvesting Home grown Fresh Nutrition Plants.

Ø Self generated in-house free electricity.

Ø Self imposed Waste Management skills.

Ø Self governed Social Health and happiness programs.

Ø Secure personal learning towards a successful Life path.

Members will have an exclusive online Social network Blogs, with their learning curve on their wall for appreciations.

My Creations in www.greenway.work

1. Nutrition engine (Home Based Spirulina the super food generator)

2. Shoots up (Indoor Micro green generator for hospitals and hotels)

3. Pluck &

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