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Andre Lenartowicz

The name is Andre, as in Agassi, Dr., or The Giant. I like the first one since I like tennis.

From a young age, I've been complimented on my writing skills, both by my native Brazilian Portuguese teachers back home as well as my high school and college English and composition teachers in Texas. Those were some pretty good endorsements so I chose to make a living out of words.

I have a fascination with words, letters and their shapes, foreign languages and especially foreign alphabets. Mind you, I have no desire in learning foreign alphabets, I just find their history fascinating.

My favorite things to write are, in no particular order, blog posts, e-newsletters, speaking abstracts, brochures and long emails to friends. I also dabble in translating from Brazilian Portuguese to English, though not so much the other way.

I made this page because I wanted to consolidate my social media presence. I am on Twitter quite a bit and I figured that instead of pointing followers to a blog post on Tumblr or my LinkedIn profile, I figured I'd just say: "Hey, go check out my smarmy profile".

So, thanks for checking out my smarmy profile.