A l e n Zolgar

born in 1976, is a mechanical engineer and has been employed at the HTZ Velenje I.P. d.o.o since 2007.

He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Ljubljana. This Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering participated on several projects, developing water filtration systems , machinery for coal mine as a leading developer.

Innovative designs and solutions in water filtration field lead to golden local and bronze national award. Passionate about 3D design with 15+ years of knowledge in AutoCAD, Inventor, ProEngineer, MS Project and had additional trainings in ProEngineer.

Success in water filtration lead to assignment to prepare and certificate mechanical workshop for maintenance of nonelectrical equipment for explosive environments.

He speaks and writes in English, understands German and is a contact person for foreign partners for HTZ Velenje. He is reliable and performs tasks with creative and positive approach. Can work in different environments, takes initiative and responsibility. He is organized and results-oriented and yes, respectful, highly moral, independent and fair.

He's been tutoring Mathematics and Physics for high school level. He has excellent computer skills, knowledge for drafting programs 3D CAD and graphic design. He has publish several articles in computer design magazine KLIK, from 2001-2003.

He loves gourmet - organic food, grows his own and is a proud owner of a Parson Russell Terrier.

He loves sports, he says: "I don't follow it, I do it - I Just do it (Nike)!" He has been a member of a Underwater Hockey national team, attending WC in 2000, EC in 1999/2001. Passionate mountain biker, runner, free diver, spearfishermen.

He's interested in business and new opportunities, technology and is challenge oriented.