Ashley Leon

Long Beach

I was NOT a Fashionista!

I often get the question, “How did you think of this event? You probably know a lot about fashion!,”

…The truth was, I didn’t! This company was NOT founded on the basis that I loved fashion; it was founded on the basis that I needed to get in touch with it.

Due to my hectic lifestyle, I regularly felt helpless when it came to style, and often wanted an entire new look. I didn’t have time to go to different locations to get a FULL makeover, so I would settle for going to the salon, thinking it would give me some new found confidence in my appearance. I would go home and still have the same boring wardrobe and would still be clueless about styling my hair

So I thought it would be awesome if there was some sort of place where I could get all that done in the same LOCATION, with experts showing me how to maintain my look. After some intense research, I realized that there wasn’t anything or anywhere like that, so I gathered a team of fashionista business women and began to produce New Girl Expo. With my background in event production and their knowledge of beauty and fashion, New Girl Expo launched in September 2012, and is now quickly becoming all the rage!

Since getting in touch with my inner and outer fashionista, I have more confidence in myself. I have learned that being beautiful inside is just as important as feeling beautiful on the outside. I have learned to shine my inner beauty outward and have gained a different perspective on what feeling beautiful is really about.

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