Anthony Leone

Amherst MA

My name is Anthony Leone I grew up in a small town in Western MA called Easthampton. I decided to come to UMass Amherst with no idea about what I wanted to do. I ended up majoring in accounting but I have a job on campus for tech support which has been a really positive experience since I got hired there. I work for the Office of Information Technologies Help Center on campus.

I enjoy the work of tech support mainly because it directly involves helping someone with a difficult problem. Technology can be daunting and intimidating to some, especially when problems occur, but that does not mean the customer experience has to be miserable as well. I enjoy teaching my clients as much as they are willing to learn about their machines to prevent future problems and save them a trip down to the LGRC.

I have experience in many different fields of customer service from my previous jobs which helps me identify with my clients. I excel in communication especially when it comes to letting clients know exactly what is going on with their machine. I have some public speaking experience as well over the summer I had to give many presentations to incoming freshman at Umass, over 300 freshmen per presentation, about the services the campus tech support offers and how to stay safe on the internet. The majority leave with a solid idea of the work that needs to be done. It reduces customer stress when they have their computers repaired.

I have experience fixing all sorts of software and hardware related issues as well. I have experience replacing hardware parts on all major PC brands and Apple computers. I have a lot of experience with Windows and Mac operating systems and can solve the majority of those pesky software issues.
I want to improve the tech support experience for everyone. Most people when they think of tech support they are thinking of automated messages, surveys, long waits, and no results. If you have ever experienced any of these events tech support probably brings up a negative thought in your mind. It does not have to be that way if you are having computer issues come see me at the OIT Help Center. I can help fix your computer related issues and provide you with a positive, and informative technology support experience.

I have a passion for anything related tehcnology. I am always excited to hear any new stories related to technology especially when it comes to the online market place.

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    • Office of Information Technologies
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    • Umass Amherst