Aleric Heck


Aleric Heck has always been fascinated by the world of Business, and how he can enhance it by using his passion for Film and Digital Media. He puts all of his skills to good use in his current job as Founder and Lead Reviewer of the successful and popular iPhone App Review Channel, AppFind.

In 2009, Aleric started a YouTube channel called AppFind, originally a branch off of his sketch channel, it soon took on a life of its own. Amassing a large following, Aleric got accepted into the YouTube Partner Program in 2011, this allowed him to earn a revenue stream off of his videos and continue to post even better content to his subscribers. The videos on his channel cover a variety of videos related to technology and the iPhone. As of February 2015, Aleric has amassed over 19 Million+ Views, and over 115 Thousand+ Subscribers. He loves giving back to his subscribers by producing consistently great content. Content which has earned Aleric contracts with more than 5 corporate sponsors.

Aleric is also involved in Business, particularly the Marketing section of Business. He is the Co-President of his High School's DECA Club, a club in which students can compete in Business related competitions at the district, state and international level. Last year, Aleric won the Massachusetts State Competition for Business Services Marketing, his 1st place trophy landed him a spot at the International Competition in Atlanta, GA, where he earned a Certificate of Excellence and Placed in the top 11% of international competitors. Aleric also attended the conference in Anaheim, CA the previous year and hopes to attend Orlando, FL this year.

In addition to Aleric's Business endeavors, he also stays true to his roots. As an Eagle Scout, Aleric makes sure to “Do a Good Turn Daily” by participating in community service projects as well as serving as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for his Boy Scout Troop. Although Aleric loves the fast paced lifestyle of the business and online world, he still loves the outdoors and nature, having served 3 years on his local Boy Scout Camp Staff.

Overall, Aleric is a creative visionary and entrepreneur who is excited to make his mark on the world through his love for Marketing and Digital Media.

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    • Marketer and Digital Content Creator