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Alesandra Leckie

Attorney and Consultant in Reno, Nevada

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A loving mother to 6 grown children and a doting grandmother to 7, Alesandra Leckie has always been passionate about family, life and community. A Beach Body coach at age 57, Ms. Leckie is gifted with endless positive energy. She believes that staying fit helps the mind and body, which is most likely the secret to her eternally youthful looks. Who would think that she is already a grandmother to 7 grandchildren? Passionate about staying healthy, Alesandra also aims to help other people who have hit the 50s mark do the same. Generous to a fault, Alesandra is recognized for her generous heart and strong mind. She hopes to be able to help more people achieve perfect health even during the years when they are deemed too old to worry about keeping fit and are just relegated to grandparenting roles.

A true Libra woman, Alesandra Leckie demonstrates positive polarity by being spirited and cooperative. In fact, as a realtor, she was the first in Washoe County to donate 10 percent of her commission to the public school in which the home was sold. She raised $150,000 for the Washoe County Schools. Blessed with a helpful and compassionate spirit, Alesandra also donates to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA). She is also a huge advocate for the organization’s dogs. Known for being outgoing and friendly, Ms. Leckie will readily go out of her way to lend people a helping hand. She is able to make decisions even when one or several critical resources are lacking. She shows nonverbal self-confidence, believing that more than words, it is the actions of a person that define them the most. A very energetic person, Alesandra is not just into planning but is very much into action and implementation and takes the initiative whenever and as often as she can.