Linda Shay

Web Developer, Writer, and Designer in Chicago, Illinois

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Linda Shay is the CEO of ShayArticles, a freelance company that initially started as a content provider and have well helped over 200 clients and brands increase revenue by up to 500% in the past 12 months.

Her clients include:

SleepLocker - A sleep management app developing company

A Law of Attraction mentor and teacher

CEOs of major organizations

A Forex trading mentor

Many online fashion stores

A major Tech Startup in Arizona, USA

A Risk and Money Management firm in Australia and much more.

Before devoting time to work on Fiverr, Shay worked as a WordPress developer and creative designer at Enola Labs - a mobile and web app developing company in Texas whose clients includes Startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Shay has developed WordPress websites and completed many creative design projects for many eCommerce companies, entrepreneurs, Kindle booksellers, real estate agents, mobile app firms, and much more.

Though working at other top freelancing sites offers much higher profit margin, she loves Fiverr more since she doesn't have the time to bid for projects every day. Working for less of what a professional developer and designer will charge is an opportunity she is offering her prospective clients.

Why should Shay be your next freelancer on Fiverr?

One, she started her career on Fiverr as a writer, with 300+ jobs completed and awesome reviews (as at January 2017). Interestingly, Shay can do better with something she loves doing more. WordPress and graphics design are the only things that can keep her awake all night.

Two, she assures you a professional, optimized, aesthetic, and responsive WordPress blog/design, and professional graphics design.

Three, hyper-Responsive communication.

Lastly, her creativity and taste for good design.

“Don’t expect the typical ‘Kwashiorkor’ design on Fiverr.” (Linda Shay, 2017)

You can check her portfolio using the link above the bio section or the black creepy-looking round icon below.

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