Alesha Peterson

Musician in Indianapolis, Indiana

Alesha Peterson

Musician in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Greetings, I’m Alesha. I’m a musician living in Indianapolis, Indiana. My passions: entrepreneurship, singing, and fitness. I also love traveling and acting. You can view one of my websites below!

When I'm not road running for performing or auditions, I'm brainstorming coming up with ideas for my next start up/app. I also love to write!

Feel free to get in touch via my social media or calendly if you want to discuss ideas or collaborate on a project. What's even better? Lets schedule a time to talk here:

I'm a contributor to 9 publications, including Huffington Post, Medium, and Thrive Global.

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Official Bio:

Hi. I'm Alesha Peterson.

Growing up, I did't act the way people wanted me to act. Because I didn't fit into a box, people weren't sure how to deal with me in grade school. I was told then that I was light years ahead of my peers because of my mindset.

In other words, the girls kept trying to brow beat me because I was light skin with long hair, and the dudes. Well. I have stories, but lets just say I avoided most of them and focused in on playing instruments and entrepreneurship. I didn't hang out with that crowd, and I'm glad I didn't fit in.

The stereotypes and labels that people tried to throw on me never sat too well with me. I'm not the product of my circumstances, but the product of my decisions. Even in college, I noticed people wanted me to stay in a "place." Majoring in a male dominated field, running for president in various organizations meant that I was not staying in my place, and again that didn't sit well with people. I took heat from peers and professors a like. Because I disrupted the status quo, you can say that I was called "intimidating" and "difficult to deal with."

I separated from people that didn't understand my mindset and didn't understand what I was trying to do. In less than a year I became involved in various startups (EYTech,) booked my first film role, and became apart of Royalti Virtue, a independent record label in Indy.