Vanessa Alesna


♥ I am not a K-pop lover! I just love YG families where 2NE1, SE7EN and BigBang Belong

♥ I am a Mando-Pop lover and soo love to listen mandarin love song and love watching chinese Movies and dramas..

♥ simply like fanatic and a celebrity addict

♥ love to surf the internet and search for the celebrities who I really admired on and off the camera!

♥ studying mandarin chinese online. Yeah kinda hard and it takes a lifetime? no its not.. maybe i have to count years to learn it!

♥ a bit obsessed to color PINK! :D

♥ no one can hold me from achieving my future plans and dreams more specific to traveling.. duh! gotta tour the world even its a bit impossible. ha~ha~ dream and fly as you can! no one can forbid JIA YOU Vanessa!!

  • Work
    • Odesk Virtual Assistant
  • Education
    • College Level