Alessandra Schiavo

Macau Aquitaine France

Born in Naples and raised in Rome, as the consul-general of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau, my names are Alessandra Schiavo, I began my diplomatic career at Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I was in the ministry for four years, in charge of European Affairs, My first assignment outside of Italy was as secretary of the Italian embassy in Israel’s Tel Aviv for a period of four years.

Before I came [to Hong Kong], my CV was based on European affairs and Middle-Eastern affairs. Those are the two big passions of my professional life.

These are very precious, fantastic ancient maps that were recently discovered at the National Archives in Rome’ and they would be publicly displayed for the first time,in Macau.

My next step was in Brussels at the European Convention, the temporary institution that drafted the European Constitution. However it was never ratified, after French and Dutch voters rejected the document in two referendums held in 2005.

Some people said it was too ambitious, others said it was not ambitious enough,i observed. Still, i adds,it was absolutely a fantastic experience, very challenging, working with Giscard d’Estaing,” the president of the European Convention and former French president.

I worked in the office of Italian president Giorgio Napolitano before being appointed in the Hong Kong position in April 2010. I thought that I had to see Asia, because it’s absolutely essential for any diplomat to measure himself in such a region.

I hope it’s possible to have more university professors from Italy, to export brains and share that knowledge with students from Macau. We would like to have more Macau students coming to Italy.

Asia is a continent that is changing so fast, it’s reshaping the world. To see this from my observatory in Hong Kong and Macau is very important. I wanted to have this experience.

Asia is quickly becoming another of my passions. Asia, China, Hong Kong and Macau fascinate me.

I regret having no time to learn Cantonese or Mandarin”. So, after so much travelling I consider myself Italian, Mediterranean and European..Your friendship is welcome.

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