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Singer, Translator, and Japanologist in Roma, Italia

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Updated bio HERE.

Hej! My name is Alessandra, I'm an Italian professionally trained singer and language specialist.

I have a Master's degree in East Asian Studies, with a focus on Japan, from Lund University (Sweden). My Master Thesis was a feminist study of women musicians in Japan. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Japanese Language and Culture. I can speak English, Italian, Japanese and a little bit of Swedish. Living between Italy, Sweden and Japan has enriched my experience, my knowledge, and appreciation for different cultures and languages.

I have been studying modern and classical singing since 2006 and I sang as a soloist, with bands and with choirs in multiple countries. I won the "Premio Musicale Giovani Talenti" 2010 held by Rotary Club (Rotary International) in Rome. I am training as a light lyric/lyric coloratura soprano with a professional opera singer and I was accepted into a Masterclass held by professional singer and vocal coach Freya Casey during fall 2016 and winter-spring 2017.

I collaborate with fellow musicians on YouTube on many different projects, where I arrange my own lead, backing vocals, and one-woman choirs, while creating original vocal lines as well. You will find opera, pop, heavy metal, but also acoustic, folk and 90s dance! At the same time, I am writing my own music for an upcoming EP and working on original music with my colleagues. Stay tuned!

My current vocal range is G#2-F6 (almost 4 octaves!), which, in addition to a unique, warm timbre, makes my voice versatile but also recognizable. Check out my YouTube channel to hear some of the things I can do with my voice.

I am available for any project that needs vocals. Contact me via email at psamates[at]gmail[dot]com and challenge me! ;)

Additionally, I am an editor at Femme Metal Webzine

  • Education
    • Lund University
    • Sapienza University of Rome