Singer, Translator, and MSc Student in Lund, Svezia

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Hej! My name is Alessandra, I'm Italian and I currently study a Master's program at Lund University (Sweden). I'm majoring in East Asian Studies, with a focus on Japan. I have a Bachelor's degree in Japanese Language and Culture. I can speak English, Italian, Japanese and a little bit of Swedish and I've been working as a translator for few years already.

I have 10+ years of experience as a musician and singer. I studied modern and classical singing for many years and sang as a soloist, with bands and with choirs in multiple countries. I was the winner of the "Premio Musicale Giovani Talenti" 2010 held by Rotary Club (Rotary International) in Rome, where I competed against other young singers, bands and musicians from schools all over the city. I am training as a lyric coloratura soprano with a professional opera singer and I was accepted into a Masterclass held by professional singer and vocal coach Freya Casey during fall 2016 and winter-spring 2017.

I love to experiment with my voice in order to sing different genres and cross boundaries! From pop to operatic singing and even growls... I have a genuine interest in all the different sounds the human voice can produce. My current vocal range is G#2-F6 (almost 4 octaves!), which, in addition to a unique, warm timbre, makes my voice incredibly versatile but also instantly recognizable. I play the guitar and a little bit of piano. Get in touch if you would like to see my full resume, and check out my YouTube channel if you would like to hear some of the things I can do with my voice.

I am available for basically any project that needs vocals. Get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or my email at psamates[at]gmail[dot]com and challenge me! ;)

I am an editor at Femme Metal Webzine, where I write reviews and interviews for music of all genres (via

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    • Lund University
    • Sapienza University of Rome