Alessandra Rocco

Hi stranger! :D

I'm an ODD italian girl from Napoli! The most beautiful city in the world. :P However, I just moved to Australia, Perth. I'm studing at this moment, Digital Design 'cos I'm interested in web design, design in general and 3D videos.

I love going to concerts and to the cinema, in particular for the movie trailers! I can't miss the first 10 minutes. ù.ù

I'm fond of NATURE, adventure, TRAVELS, music, MOVIES and new experiences! I love seeing new places expecially if you have to walk, climb and sweat!

I love the winter, the snow and cooking! If you desire, I can poison u with one of my dishes. :P I enjoy listening to the sound of the sea and wind, and looking at landscapes thinking about an imaginary world.

I try to be always a positive and smiling girl bacause life is one and you have to enjoy it! :D

Oh! Just one or two more last things: 1) I hate when people yell 2) I love sharing different ideas/opinions *-*