Alessandra Sagredo

Global Citizen

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I'm Alessandra. A Marketing Mastermind, Avid World Traveler, Strategy Addict, Proud Dance-A-Holic, Passionate Writer, Lover of Ancient Mysteries... and a Touch Hedonistic... all rolled into one feminine form.

I'm a dynamic fiery female who has fallen in love with the world of business, the dance of marketing and the power of the written word. I find beauty in the passion of my clients -- their dreams and hopes, and bring rocket fuel to to their success, launching them to new heights of personal satisfaction and financial lucrativness.

Tingles fill my entire being, when a new client appears whose products or services can help others. Whether it is B2B or B2C, I love partnering my strategy and multidimensional marketing skill set with businesses who make a difference in the world around.

You can view my Boutique Marketing Firm at www.exhalemarketing. We are a small agency with huge hearts and massive skills.

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    • Marketing Director
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    • Bba Marketing
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