alessandro moretti

My name is Alessandro, (but people find easier to call me Alex when I'm abroad, so feel free to choose ;p)

I'm a truly passionate person, and I love creating awesome stuff.

Everyday I soak my life with all the things that I love, and I give 100% of myself to my goals and projects;

I am a human being.

I do 3D animation and visual effects, and I'm very passionate about it;

(look at this image, it's an example of my work; you can also check my latest demo reel, hosted on Vimeo)

I also love doing 2D graphic design/web-design, motion graphics and interactive UI design;

I enjoy spending a significant portion of my free time practicing sports. I consider both sports and fitness to be great teachers of discipline and continuous self-improvement. Having the ability to push our minds and bodies to the limit is an important parallel to the dedication required for fitness and work projects.

I have a lot of interests:

• Design & Web Design • Concept Design • Traditional Art & Illustration • Cinematography • Photography • Computer Science • Programming • Psychology • Social Studies • Entrepreneurship and Business • Marketing / Web Marketing • Cooking • Fitness & Nutrition

I hope to share my knowledge and passion, and leave us both as better human beings.