Alessandro Capezza

Creative Strategist in Milano, Italia

As a marketing and advertising passionate, I wear many hats from Account Manager to Creative Strategist, working both in a team and on my own.

I have had the good fortune to work in many countries: Australia, the UK, Spain and Italy.

Some remarkable clients I have helped:

▶ FMCG + Spirits

Mondelez - Kraft Foods (Philadelphia, Milka/Cadbury, Oreo, Mikado/Pocky, Halls, TUC, Kraft Singles/Sottilette, The Natural Confectionery Co.), Nestlé (Cheerios), PepsiCo (Twisties), Jacobs Douwe Egberts (Carte Noir, Caffé Hag), Chupa Chups, Bacardì

▶ Entertainment

Foxtel, RedBull, Sky, WeChat - Tencent

▶ Tourism

Tourism New Zealand, ScuolaZoo Viaggi,

▶ Pharma/Health Care

Palmolive, MAC Cosmetics, Sigmatau - Carnydin

▶ Sport

Foot Locker, Speedo

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  • Education
    • Master Degree Marketing Università Bocconi
    • Bocconi University