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Alessandro Cunha

Alright peeps, I’m gonna keep this bio like me, short and pointless. It’s probably just like every other biography out there, but oh well, you’re gonna read it anyway , i assume.

I’m a 26 year old male, born in Heildelberg (Germany) on June 28. Most of the time i’m a pretty friendly person although i tend to be quite nervous and shy at times.

I do not care much about school. I just always wanted to find the easy way out and didnt want to bother myself with the school ritual stuff like, sitting back on a chair and listening to the teacher, doing homework or anything related.

Some people may say i just dont have my priorities straight but if you look at it, most of the time on the internet when i’m online i’m learning everything especialy about the things that i’m interested in. Sure some may think i dont have priorities, but lets look at the facts. I am not you and our ways might be diferent, so yes, i think i’ve spent my time on what i think is more important, and look, sometimes i can do what other people cant do.