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Alessandro Giammaria

I am Alessandro Giammaria a graphic designer and web designer freelance.

Since 15 years I have been working in the graphic and web world. After having acquired 8 years of experience in different agencies, I decided to take up the freelance challenge. Now it is since two years that I have been working as freelance and living in Milan, where I cooperate with different web and advertising realities.
Thanks to the uninterrupted study and experience in the area, I developed a minimalist and moderate style that I tried to apply to all the challenges I met during these years.

The experience in the agency, and as freelance, gave me the opportunity to compare myself with many problems and types of works that allow me offering a complete communication service to both the customer and the agency.
I am also involved in the realization of logotypes, business coordinated, advertising campaigns, catalogues, planning, and books and magazines layout, leaflet and pack.
Concerning web design I can realize unchanging and dynamic sites, paying great attention both to the design and to information architecture and user experience.
If you are interested in a piece of advice or only in a talk do not hesitate and contact me.