Alessandro Lollo

Bologna, Italy

Well... something about me, my job and my hobbies!

I'm from Venice but I live in Bologna, one of the most vibrant and open minded city in Italy!

I started my professional career as a System Integrator in 2010, when I moved to Bologna, where I've worked for about 2 years. I met so many lovely people there! It definitely has been a very interesting and funny experience!
I was part of small team and we had on big goal: integrate Pentaho EE with our ERP to build a new, all-in-one, fully integrated system.
It has been a very ambitious and exciting project!

I've also been involved in other projects such as experimentation of Pentaho release candidate builds, design and implementation of a data authorization system, which have enabled users to access, manage and manipulate their data in a consistent way in many interconnected systems (ERP, business analytics tools, etc etc)

In June 2012 I moved back to Padova, for a new exciting job challenge.
Now I'm a Business Intelligence Specialist and I work for a IT consulting company based in Torino. My customers are banks, insurance companies, public administration and other IT companies.

So far, I've been working with Pentaho EE technologies, SAS, MySQL, Vertica and Oracle. Moreover I've also been playing with web technologies, such as jQuery and other frameworks.

Recently I'm focusing on ETL processes and data warehouse modeling.
I like experimenting new technlogies, both open source and proprietary.
I'm exploring Big Data technologies, mainly Hadoop and Hive, but I think that also column-store databases are a very interesting.

I'd like having much more time to learn and play with data visualization frameworks like Pentaho CDF, Protovis and D3js (I need 36 hours a day instead of 24...)

I really love music! I usually listen to many genres... from techno to ambient, going through heavy metal and rock'n'roll...
Music is with me in every moment of every day in my life!

I play football and futsal every time I can, and I'm a member of a futsal team since 2008.

So, that's all!

For now...

  • Work
    • ICONSULTING S.p.a.
  • Education
    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    • ITIS F. Severi
    • University of Padua