Alessandro Principali

Public Speaker in Lazio, Italy

Alessandro Principali

Public Speaker in Lazio, Italy

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I am 33, here it is what I have learnt.

Within my family I have learnt to cooperate respecfully.

At graded school I have learnt that being first in class gives satisfaction and responsibility too.

By playing basketball I have learnt you can be second and it's fair enough.

At high school I have learnt you can even be third, fourth or last: reaching a result you'd considered to be impossible is priceless.

At University I have learnt that frustration of being confused and lost exists, and how to beat it.

In the years of volunteer educational work I have learnt to place myself last as the common good is at stake.

In my uncountable backpaking trips I have learnt that world's treasures are the Royal Road.

In my professional path I have learnt that where curiosity is over, there you die.

By carrying on my projects I have learnt that even instinct and creativity do come out from experience and competence.

By life in Australia I have learnt how to build a dream up from zero (and English, kind of..)

Gained all that, I have chosen to be enterpreneur of myself, even before of my ideas. In this world of mine, you are more than welcome.

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