Alessandro Righi


Alessandro Righi is aprofessional VFX artist with over 2 years experience in the Visual Effect Industry.

He started his career at Cinesite in the 2009 as Match-Mover artist working on important projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides (stereo) and John Carter of Mars.

Afterwards he moved to Prime Focus Films where he worked on Judge Dredd (stereo), Mirror Mirror, Men in Black III, Storage 24, Total Recall, Byzantium, Last Stand (teamleader),White House Down, Mr. Stink (stereo) where he specialized his skills in the full match-mover pipeline (Stereoscopic Tracking (Body/Object & Camera Tracks), Stereo Rotoanimation using rigged models or proxy geo (keeping in mind depth values). Thorough knowledge of the overall stereoscopic matchmove pipeline : de-lensing/re-lensing issues, scale/overscan and distortion, working with onset survey data, LIDAR,anamorphic lens, scans & masterscenes, left/right eye problems & troubleshooting).

Recently he also gained expierience in 3d modelling, having the important task of recreating the complete model of the White House (special model composed by multiple parts tought to be destroied by CG ), learning all the pipeline ( naming convention, organized uv tiles).

  • Work
    • Cinesite
  • Education
    • Bachelor degree in New Technology, Accademy of Brera, Milan
    • Escape Studios