Alessandro Valerio

Teacher, Attorney, and Small Business Owner in Trieste, Italia

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About Me: Living to play in the game of life. Quantum Introduction: "I am what I think you are" .. but let me tell you what I think is important to me ... Born in Reggio Emilia in 1960 I always thought to be special and as you all are really, artist mother commercial father, he grew up as a boy decided in its programs messy ..! From technical schools, exposing humanities exams, I continued and visions very confused, but always with high values of the purpose of my life in accordance with that of others in this physical plane expanded. In the profession, after the catering, and computer science, I saw a passion for coaching and training. Founder of Twimt. I extend a thank you to all formations esoteric and Quantum Consciousness, the social and economic life of practical experience staff. :-) Now also a member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

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