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Neuroscience, graphic, and photography in Milano, Italia

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Ciao! I'm Ale (for friends), I'm Italian in particularly I came from Sicily, but now I live in the north of Italy. I have many interests as photography, stuff of science, space, travels, and painting (recently). I don't know how but I'm pretty good in the kitchen. Japanese, Indian and Italian (obviously) are my favourite. I'm graduated in Neurobiology at university of Pavia. Now I'm working in Milan.
I'm trying to learn other languages as English and a little bit of Spanish, although I make some mistakes (too much mistakes) but I'm improving slowly (I swear it)

However, I would like to travel around the planet much more to improve my knowledges on the others countries and cultures. I guess if we know the traditions and peoples, we can understand their culture and the language that they use to speak.

That's all for now, if you want, look at my links below, I'll happy to know you!

I want leave you with the reason that I've chosen to study neurobiology.

Lev Tolstoj "The Blind Man and the Milk"

A Man born blind asked a Seeing Man: "Of what colour is milk?"

The Seeing Man said: "The colour of milk is the same as that of white paper."

The Blind Man asked: "Well, does that colour rustle in your hands like paper?"

The Seeing Man said: "No, it is as white as white flour."

The Blind Man asked: "Well, is it as soft and as powdery as flour?"

The Seeing Man said: "No, it is simply as white as a white hare."

The Blind Man asked: "Well, is it as fluffy and soft as a hare?"

The Seeing Man said: "No, it is as white as snow."

The Blind Man asked: "Well, is it as cold as snow?"

And no matter how many examples the Seeing Man gave, the Blind Man was unable to understand what the white colour of milk was like.

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