Alessandro Haas

Stuttgart, Germany

Blue Economist

I am building or helping businesses that have the vision to create a different kind of economy. One in which the needs of all are being satisfied with what we have locally available. Where we do more good instead of less bad. An economy that leads society into a sustainable future. A Blue Economy.


I am passionate about music and movement and in particular Argentine Tango. My teaching style focuses on the principles of leading and following. By understanding the fundamentals of posture, connection & movement one will be able to enjoy the social dance faster than by focusing on steps and predefined movements. Learning the fundamentals first enables one to dance with more creativity and elegance and also to have more fun on the dance floor.

Web Professional

I have a strong interest in new technologies and opportunities that evolve through free sharing of ideas and knowledge.

  • Work
    • Self-employed
  • Education
    • Blue Economy
    • Web Professional
    • B.Sc. Forest Science & Resource Management