Alessandro Lima

Artist, Teacher, and Writer in Cachoeirinha, Brasil

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I'm working in a Aquiris Game Experience that develops ADGames an Virtual Reality for many Clients like PEPSI, Gillette and AXE. In this team, I'm answerable for create Characters and Assets Lowpoly and Highpoly. For one year I worked in a Shouthlogic Studios that develops games for consoles like PSP, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox360 and PC. I was answerable for create complex Assets and Charaters Lowpoly and Higholy to Next Gen Games (development technics to create Normal Mapping and Occlusion Mapping), and other objects too. I'm study at Uniritter University in a currently Graphic Designer Graduation and I'm participating in a Project of Initiation Discent called "Travelling" ("Viajando"). For almost 3 years, I worked with Design Architeture in a Company Compumanager, in Brazil. At this moment I developed new technics about modeling, texturing, rendering (VRay Render) and pos-production for images still and animations. For a year I worked as a volunteer in a Project CROMOSLAB at Unisinos, where I could inquire and practice modeling and texturing for Lowpoly Characters, basic Skin and basic Rigging with Charater Studio. Nowadays I'm loking for FREELANCER jobs. If you want to contact me, please, send a email. Specialties Concept Art (Traditional Art), Modeling Low and Highpoly Characters and Assets, Layout UV, Texturing, Bake Texturing, Rigging, Skinning, Rendering, Some Animations and Presentation Artwork.

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