ALESSANDRO began promoting and DJing in Toronto’s LGBTTIQQ2SA community in late 2010. In a short amount of time, he has become a prominent figure in the community, known for his love of people, fun parties and music.

His creations include monthly parties POP★MACHINE (2+ years running), KLIT (a 2011 summer party for the Lesbian community), MDMA (formerly thrown at Fuzion), and his latest soiree COMMUNION, which launched in September 2012, at CHURCH On Church. He’s also been a guest DJ for central parties within the community such as Grapefruit, FML, Business Women’s Special, Prism’s AQUA, and The 519’s Pride charity event Starry Night.

Alessandro also sings and writes his own music, and plans to release an album of original songs in the year to come. Stay tuned!