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Hey, how is it going?

I have decided to write this short story about me for a reason. Because when you receive an email I send, or when you purchase a product I did, I'm sure you want to know more about me.

Everyone has a story to share, made of great and bad experiences, because life is a rollercoaster... sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down.

Sometimes you join an email list for many reasons: you purchase a product, you get a free gift, or you want to know more about a specific topic. And there's no worst thing that receiving a daily mail from myself without knowing anything about me. So I definitely want to be different.

My internet marketing story starts back in the years. When I was 16 years old my life changed. I was operated two times to the head for removing a cancer, that luckily was good. But the way I lived before was gone.

I lost all friends, I left school, I put up 35 kilos, I couldn't make sport anymore, and I was passionated about soccer and tennis, where I won different trophies. I though my life was going nowhere.

I tried to work, in a shop, at Politecnico of Milan, at my mother' shop. But I couldn't stand for long periods of time, and I had to take 5 different medicines each and every day. But one day another door opened in front of me, just when I lost all the hope.

So in 2008 I started my adventure in IM. I was just trying to get some ads for my sites, and I was catched by a banner. From there I started working on IM, and every day I wanted to know more.

Now, in 2018, I have launched more than 80 products about internet marketing, and I'm an expert in product creation, social media, blogging and a coach for newbies that want to follow my footprints.

That's my story, made short. Every day, when I contact my mailing list, I try to offer them my tips and tricks, and to keep them away from scam products, that are often released. So until you stay on my list you can be sure to get only great advices and no bad suprises.

Thanks so much from my heart.
See you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

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