Aleš Špetič

CEO and entrepreneur

I am Aleš Špetič, a seasoned C-level executive with over two decades of experience at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and corporate leadership. As a Slovenian national, my journey spans from co-founding groundbreaking startups to steering established companies toward success.

Professional Highlights:

Currently serving as the CEO of Klevio, a London-based startup, where I pioneered an innovative smartphone-controlled access system, secured funding, and established key partnerships, contributing to the company's significant growth.

Co-founded CubeSensors, a Ljubljana-based IoT platform, and as CEO, successfully raised angel funding, developed cutting-edge IoT devices, and executed a global sales strategy.

Played a pivotal role in the growth of Zemanta, a groundbreaking Slovenian startup, where I served as CEO and board member.

Established and led a successful business consultancy in Ljubljana, specializing in optimizing sales operations for various organizations.

Managed a revenue of 25 million USD as the General Manager of ITS INTERTRADE SISTEMI, a Slovenian IT system integrator.

Headed the development of an internet-based trading system for a leading international investment bank in Vienna and designed an online trading system for a Slovenian brokerage business.


  • MBA from California State University, East Bay (1999 – 2001).
  • BS in Computer Science from the University of Ljubljana (1991 – 1997).

Contributions and Recognition:

  • Volunteered as a Member of the Prime Minister’s digital advisory group in Ljubljana.
  • Served as the Slovenian Digital Champion, leading initiatives to enhance digitization.
  • Currently a University Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Ljubljana, teaching an accredited management course.
  • Authored the "T-SQL Cookbook," showcasing expertise in advanced SQL/database programming.

This is just a snapshot of my journey, reflecting a passion for innovation, strategic leadership, and a commitment to driving success in the dynamic world of technology and business.

For 5 years I published a Slovenian wine guide, and finished a professional pastry chef course. I spent half of my career internationally.

I enjoy life, good food and cooking!

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    • California State University, East Bay