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I have written two novels. "Vengeance" was published in 2001 by Publish America. It is the story of an orphaned half-breed who clings to her Native American heritage until events cause her to turn to the one true God. "Mending Fences" is a self-published novel about a family torn apart by a workaholic preacher. Will there ever be an opportunity to mend those broken family fences?

Vengeance is no longer available as a new book. I recently re-acquired the rights and hope to have it re-published by Amazon by late summer or early autumn.

The photo on this page is one of the most unique places I've ever visited. It is Solomon's Castle near Sebring, FL. You can find it online. There is a restaurant behind this "castle" (the man who built it lives there with his wife) built in the shape of a galleon. When I visited with my husband (pictured on a bench in front with his dad), there was a live alligator in the moat around the restaurant. They keep him well-fed so he's no danger to visitors. The castle of filled with hand-made wooden and metal art pieces with humorous names given them.

Favorite books: The Bible (KJV), "A Voice in the Wind," "An Echo in the Darkness," and "As Sure as the Dawn" by Francine Rivers. Also her books, "The Atonement Child," and "Leota's Garden." Also novels by Joel Rosenberg, a Christian Jew who weaves Bible prophecy into current events and possible conclusions of those events.Favorite movie: "Time to Run," the Billy Graham movie where I gave my heart to the Lord.

At this juncture in time I am greatly concerned for this year's election. I am disappointed in the party I usually support and even more concerned with the falling away I see in conservatism. It's time for those of us who believe in power of prayer to really seek the Lord's will for this country, and in our own personal lives.

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